About Us

Bad Ass Herbs is a Family owned farm dedicated to producing exceptional cannabis products.

We produce specific strains originating from our in-house breeding program, along with other sources.

All our outdoor plants are grown in soil using approved nutrients, natural products and proven methods.

We produce concentrates using the BHO Extraction Method, which we discuss further on our Extracts Page.

We work very hard to assure our Extracts look, taste, smell and is the best quality possible.

We have recently started producing a line of Cartridges with our Liquid Gold brand.

We produce ALL BHO Extraction in-house and also package our Liquid Gold Cartridges® in-house.

Mammoth Labs, Ellensburg, uses our Wicked Weed to press the rosin used in our cartridges.
You can click their logo above for more info.

Father / Son duo, Bob and Steve Oliver, started the business in 2015.

Their successes can be measured with the high-quality, organically produced cannabis flower (Wicked Weed), bho extracts (Royal Oil) and the newly added line of cartridges (Liquid Gold) that they produce in their rural Brewster – Bridgeport location.

If a picture’s worth a 1,000 words, then enjoy these photos we’ve experienced over the years!